A University of Otago "Statement of Completed Qualifications" includes your full name and lists each qualification you have completed at the University along with the date/s those qualifications were completed or conferred. These can be requested for several reasons, including: 

Applications to other tertiary institutions 

  • Job applications.
  • Proof of previous study.
  • Moving from an undergraduate degree to postgraduate study.
  • Applying to competitive-entry programmes with specific entry criteria.

If you obtain this statement after applying to graduate but before your ceremony takes place, it will note the date on which the qualification is to be conferred. It also states that English is the standard language of instruction at the University of Otago.

Sometimes students who move from the University of Otago to other universities before completing their programme may be required to provide evidence their qualification was taught in English. The current Statement of Enrolment letter does not mention English as the standard of education. In such situations, the student can email a copy of the request to: The Student Records team will provide them with evidence of their qualification being taught in English.