If you are a domestic student, you may be entitled to have credit from your previous tertiary study granted towards your University of Otago undergraduate qualification. Regardless of the amount or type of transfer credit awarded, all the final year (e.g. 300-level) major subject requirements for a University of Otago degree must normally be taken and passed at the University of Otago.

Credit transferred from other institutions does not have grades attached to it so it does not contribute to your GPA calculation.

This process is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

It can take up to 10 working days for credit requests to be actioned.

Contact AskOtago after that time if you haven't received a response.

Further information

Admission to University Statute 2011

Any contact from a customer following up on a credit transfer application can be referred to Student Records in CRSM.

If a student has already provided a transcript (e.g. for admission) and isn't able to upload another copy, they can upload a dummy document instead to get past that compulsory item in the credit application.