International applicants to the University of Otago may be required to submit an Educational Credential Evaluators report (ECE). If this applies to you, your application will not be assessed until your ECE report has been received by the University.

To apply for a credentials evaluation, go to the Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) website.

Make sure that one copy of the evaluation is sent to the University of Otago, and one copy is sent to you. You can do this by selecting University of Otago as your institution when applying.

You don't need to provide a credentials evaluation if:

  • You are applying through an officially approved agent of the University of Otago
  • You are from an institution with which the University of Otago has a Student Exchange agreement
  • Your qualifications are from one of the ECE exempt countries

Approved education agents/representatives and sending institutions for Study Abroad
Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)

Contact ECE directly with any enquiries regarding the application process:

ECE — Contact us

Further information

Reports are delivered electronically to the International Admissions inbox when the applicant selects the University of Otago as their institution.