An intermediate course is the first year of a programme that is then continued at another university. Intending students should consult the other universities for information about their requirements.

Courses available:

  • Engineering Intermediate (BSc) — continued at the University of Canterbury. The University of Otago offers a selection of first-year papers that can be transferred to one of the Engineering programme options run at the University of Canterbury. Students intending to enrol in the Engineering Intermediate course must check first with the College of Engineering at Canterbury University to ensure the information is up to date
  • Optometry — the Health Science First Year programme can be undertaken at the University of Otago before applying for the Bachelor of Optometry qualification at the University of Auckland

Further information

Qualifications — Engineering Intermediate at Otago
University of Canterbury — Engineering First Year
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University of Auckland — Bachelor of Optometry entry requirements
Undergraduate Prospectus


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