As soon as you realise your passport is missing, contact the New Zealand Police and file a lost property report (this needs to be within 24 hours if you will be claiming insurance).

Dunedin Central Police Station

Once you've filed your lost property report, make several copies of this report as you might need a copy for your embassy, visa transfer, and insurance.

You will need to contact your nearest embassy, consulate, or high commission and ask for instructions on how to obtain a new passport. You can find your nearest embassy, consulate, or high commission on the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website:

New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade — Foreign representatives to New Zealand

When you obtain a new passport and/or visa, you must update Student Visa Services.


Dunedin campus: Bring the new passport to the main reception at the Clocktower (the entrance that faces the river). AskOtago staff will make a copy and pass this on to the visa team to update in eVision.

Other campuses: Email to request the process for updating your passport in your particular location.


Email to enquire about transferring your student visa to the new passport.

Forward the email from Immigration New Zealand (INZ), with the PDF copy of the new visa attached, to as soon as it is issued.

International staff and location

The costs involved in replacing your passport may be covered by your insurance policy. For help with your insurance claims, visit our International Student Advisers based at the AskOtago Hub in the Central Library. They are available from 11am until 3pm for drop-in appointments.

Alternatively, you can:

Book an appointment or email