You may not have full access to student services and resources (for example your Library account) for various reasons including incomplete course enrolment or if you are a debtor to the University. You can check this information using your eVision portal:

eVision portal
Course enrolment

Requests for extension to access

If there is a sound academic reason why you might require an extension to your access to resources, a temporary manual override can be requested.

Undergraduate students

Extensions to access to resources for undergraduate students must be requested by the appropriate Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and should be emailed to Extension requests from teaching departments, programme coordinators, or students cannot be acted on.

The department/programme/school will need to provide the appropriate Associate Dean of Graduate Studies with the following information to be included in the email request:

  1. The student's name.
  2. ID number.
  3. The reason access is required.
  4. The date access is required until.

Supporting documentation may be requested by the Associate Dean Graduate Studies if the request is for an extension longer than two months.

Postgraduate students

Students on publishing bursaries do not have any additional access to resources beyond the standard nine months, or until they submit their e-thesis, whichever is earliest.

PhD students should email to request an extension for access to resources.

Masters by thesis only students should email their request to

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