Interest Only enrolment is a category of enrolment that allows you to attend certain classes for your own general interest without undertaking any form of assessment or receiving results or credit.

Interest Only enrolment is available in limited circumstances to domestic students. The Interest Only Enrolments page has further information:

Interest Only Enrolments

The tuition fees for an Interest Only paper are the same as for a standard enrolment. You will not be charged a student services fee for Interest Only papers.

Students cannot use a student loan to pay for these and they are not approved study for student allowances.

Interest Only Application Form

Students do not apply for Interest Only enrolment through eVision.

Applicants must fill out a paper application form instead, which is available as a PDF from the shared drive:

AskOtago > Forms & documents > Interest only enrolment forms

If a student completes the form at the Central Hub it needs to be sent to Student Administration in St David II for processing. When providing a student with the Interest Only application form through email, please advise them to return the complete application via email rather than post.

Note: Assign complete application forms to Student Administration - Admissions General.

Approval to be enrolled in a paper for Interest Only, including via distance learning, is at the discretion of the teaching department, which will be sought by Student Administration once an application has been submitted for processing.

When responding to a request for Application for Interest Only forms, in addition to providing the form, include details about the enrolment status of Interest Only students, limitations for applications and fee implications (as appropriate).

Any other queries can be referred to Admissions. 

Students cannot change to Interest Only partway through a course in which they are already fully enrolled.

Interest Only students may need guidance with gaining access to their eVision portal to see their invoice.