Coloured hoods are worn with the appropriate academic dress for graduation ceremonies at the University of Otago. The Academic Dress Statute details the colours used for the hoods depending on the qualification you graduate in.

Academic Dress Statute 2011

The colours referred to in the Schedule are defined using the British Colour Council Dictionary of Colour Standards (BCC) or the Munsell Book of Colour system of colour classification (Munsell).

If you are graduating with a degree and applying to graduate in eVision, the system auto-fills the correct hood.

If you are graduating with a diploma and applying to graduate in eVision, there will be a text box for you to indicate which degree you already hold. The University of Otago does not have hoods for diplomas, therefore the hood will be the appropriate one for the degree you already hold.

Email if you have any queries about the hood colour for your academic dress.

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