The University of Otago is a safe and supportive environment that welcomes diversity. You are able to choose your recorded gender during the application process and make changes throughout your study.

The available gender options in eVision are:

  • Male (M)
  • Female (F)
  • Gender diverse (D)

If gender diverse is selected, a drop-down box appears where you can specify further information about your gender identity. A selection in this second box is not compulsory.

Students are able to select the following gender identity categories:

  • Female/Wahine
  • Male/Tāne
  • Non-binary gender
  • Transgender man/Tangata ira tāne
  • Transgender woman/Whakawahine
  • Intersex

There are also two titles available:

  • Mx — a gender-neutral title
  • Ind — meaning individual and also neutral

Further information

OUSA Queer Support