Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is shown in your unofficial academic record and is included in all official academic transcripts.

These are automatically calculated based on your confirmed paper results at the University of Otago. An annual GPA is calculated based on results for all papers taken in a specific year. A GPA is also calculated for all papers at each level, and a cumulative GPA is calculated for all results to date.

The University of Otago uses a nine-point scale for calculating the GPA value. A numerical value is assigned to each letter grade and the weighted average calculated (considering differing credits/points values of papers). Values are assigned to grades:

Grade Description GPA value
AE A+ Distinction 9
A+ A+ 9
A A 8
A- A- 7
B+ B+ 6
B B 5
B- B- 4
C+ C+ 3
C C 2
C- C- 1
D D 0
DS Disqualified 0
E E 0
FC Failed compulsory assessment 0
FD Fail D 0
FE Fail E 0
FT Failed Terms 0

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The following grades are excluded from the GPA calculation:

Grade Description
AG Aegrotat pass
CD Completed
CP Compensation pass
CR Certificate received
F Ungraded Fail
I Incomplete
MD Pass distinction—distinguished performance in *
MP Pass distinguished performance in *
N Absent
N1 Absent one paper
N2 Absent two papers
P Pass
PC Pass with credit
PD Pass with distinction
PR In progress
RD Result conferred
T Terms
W Withdrawn
WE Withdrawn exceptional

Credit transferred from other institutions does not contribute to a student’s GPA calculation as well, since this does not have grades attached.

There are GPA calculators available on the University website:

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator for University of Otago Postgraduate Scholarship purposes

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator for Entry Pathway purposes