If you are visiting the University of Otago from another academic institution and require internet access, you can use eduroam

If you are another type of visitor or if your eduroam access does not work, you can use the UO_Guest service.

A UO_Guest account provides access to the internet for up to:

  • 31 days
  • 5GB data per day
  • Two devices at a time

If you have forgotten your password, you are unable to log in, or if you require further assistance with setting up your account, contact AskOtago

If the 31 days has passed, creating a new account will allow you to access the network again.

Further information

Visitor network access

AskOtago IT staff can use their "PA" account to access ISE Guest Sponsor Portal and the Manage Accounts option to perform tasks such as password resets, account extensions, deletions, and edits.