Justice of the Peace (JP) services are available on campus.

For locations, and alternative JP services, see:

Justice of the Peace

There is also a JP service located at the Central Library on the Dunedin campus every Wednesday between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

If you are not on campus, you can generate a list of JPs in New Zealand, by location, online. Some may also offer a remote service. See:

Royal Federation of NZ Justices’ Associations – Find a Justice of the Peace

There are three Dunedin JPs who are authorised to certify documents online: Ian Griffin, AJ Campbell, and David Richardson.

Find JPs who can assist online

Staff members who are JPs are also available by appointment:

University of Otago JPs

There are also staff members available on the UOW and UOC campuses who provide JP services.