The following equipment is available to borrow while at Unipol:

  • Badminton racquets
  • Basketballs
  • Locker keys
  • Pool and snooker equipment
  • Table tennis equipment
  • Various gym equipment
  • Volleyballs, netballs, futsal balls

Outdoor equipment rental is also available from Unipol all year-round, including ski/snowboard equipment in the winter. Visit the website for pricing and other information:

Unipol — Outdoor rentals

How do I obtain equipment to use at Unipol

One valid photo ID card is required per piece of equipment. If more than one piece of equipment is borrowed, another form of valid photo ID is required.

To borrow equipment:

  1. Enquire at Unipol reception about the equipment you need.
  2. Leave a valid photo ID card (i.e. student ID, staff ID, driver licence, R18 card).
  3. Return the equipment when you have finished with it to retrieve your ID card.

How much does it cost

There is no charge for this service.

Outdoor equipment rental prices can be found at Unipol — Outdoor rentals