The University of Otago network is available to use for all students, staff, and external users. If you don’t have a University username, you can connect to the UO_Guest network while you are on campus.


If you have a University username, you will have access to connect to the UO_WIFI network with this username and your password. The UO_WIFI network is available for all current staff and students to use. The UO_WIFI network is also accessible to non-Otago staff and students those with an external username. 

Most devices only require a username and password to connect to the UO_WIFI network. If you have difficulty connecting, you can check the related article for device-specific instructions: Connecting to UO_WIFI


The UO_Guest network is available for Internet access if you are visiting. For more information on how to connect to the UO_Guest network, refer to the related article: Visitor network access — UO_Guest


If you are currently enrolled or employed at institution that is a member of eduroam, you can use the eduroam network while you’re visiting the University of Otago campus. The eduroam network is available at participating campuses and institutions around the world.

Accessing eduroam at the University of Otago

If you require assistance with getting your device online with one of the University’s networks, contact AskOtago