It is possible for students to have prior non-credentialled learning (i.e. learning which has not been formally recognised with a qualification or other documented record) recognised for the purposes of admission to a course or programme.

The process of assessing and recording such learning is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL); any credit granted is termed "RPL credit".

Credit may be granted for the following papers:

Applications for RPL credit must normally be submitted by:

  • 30 November—for candidates intending to enrol in semester 1 of the following year
  • 30 May—for candidates intending to enrol for semester 2

Students should contact the relevant department/school for RPL credit applications and questions.

RPL credit for MAOR 102, MAOR 108, MAOR 111, and MAOR 112 is only available to students as part of a major or minor in MAOR, INDV, or PACI.