In addition to being able to send text messages from a University of Otago-provided mobile phone, the University uses the One NZ multiTXT service which makes sending messages to one or more people interacting with University services, research, teaching, or administration simple and cost effective.

How do I send a message via multiTXT

To send a message via multiTXT:

  1. Open your University of Otago email application (for example, Outlook or macOS Mail).
  2. Type the mobile number into the TO: field of a new email message, followed by "". For example, to send a text message to the mobile number 0211234567 using multiTXT, you would address it to You can include a subject line if you like.
  3. Type your text message and press Send.

Please note: The standard 160-character limit for text messages applies to multiTXT email to text messages as well. If you have a default email signature, this will be included in your text message.

How much does it cost

  • $10 per month per group
  • $0.08 for each standard-length text message sent (for example, if you send a group text to six recipients, you would be charged six lots of $0.08)
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