Saving a multiTXT text message as a draft

You can save your text message as a draft email in your email programme before you send it through multiTXT.

Sending text messages to different network mobile numbers

multiTXT allows you to send text messages to any mobile number (New Zealand and international).

Sending a text message to multiple mobile numbers

You can send your text message to multiple mobile numbers using multiTXT (New Zealand and international).

Timeframe of multiTXT text messages

The multiTXT service sends all messages within seconds of receiving them. However, the text messaging process means that the services carrying the message data have their own queuing, delivery and expiry policies and these can cause delays to the receipt of your text messages.

Replying to the mobile number received in a text message

Your recipient will not be able to contact you using the number that your multiTXT text message appears to come from, as this is only used to manage text messages.

Replies to multiTXT messages

All replies to text messages sent from your email using multiTXT will arrive in your email inbox.

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