If you are a part-time student and a finalist (graduating this year), you can apply to StudyLink to be treated as full-time for the purposes of student loans and allowances. This is called "Limited Full-Time status". You can also apply if you have a health issue or are experiencing exceptional circumstances outside your control.

Some part-time students may also apply for Limited Full-Time status under other criteria such as illness or disability.

Students who qualify for Limited Full-Time status do not count as full-time students for any other purpose (e.g. ISIC card validation).

Further information

StudyLink — Limited Full-Time

Some part-time students may also apply for Limited Full-Time status when they are in a programme with set papers and have been exempt from part of the course due to prior learning.

Students/tickets applying for Limited Full-Time status with StudyLink under health grounds should be directed to Disability Information and Support.

Students/tickets applying under completing a recognised programme (finalists): these statements are completed by Student Records. Tickets should be assigned to the Student Administration — Records Management General queue. Student Records can also be contacted on +64 3 479 6118 (HUNT 6118).

Applicants do not need to provide Student Records with the application form. Student Records have a template and will forward the completed section to the student. Also note that Student Records cannot confirm a student's finalist status until the finalist has completed their declaration. Any student wanting to make an application for Limited Full-Time status should be advised to do this after they have completed their declaration.

Any that don't fit the above two reasons should be assigned to Student Finance. Student Finance will not sign the form in person so the student will need to email AskOtago with their details. Assign any of these requests to the Student Finance queue. Student Finance will send a document to the student they can attach to the form.

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