The University of Otago Library uses an EZproxy server to provide access to web-based licenced databases. When you go to the Library catalogue, search the databases, and click on a URL to access an electronic resource.

  • Generally if you are using a computer on the University network, you will bypass the EZproxy server and be able to access your E-resource direct.
  • If your IP address is considered a "remote user" you will be prompted to log into EZproxy using your University of Otago username and password. Remote users include:
    • Some computers on the University network
    • All off-campus computers, whether or not they are connected via VPN
    • People using the Staff or Student Virtual Desktops

If your external username has been set up to access Library E-resources you can also use this to log in. Once you have been authenticated on the EZproxy server, you will remain authenticated until you close your browser.

Applying for Off-Campus Access to Library E-resources

Otago Polytechnic students

As an Otago Polytechnic student you can access Otago Polytechnic E-resources using EZproxy. Use your Otago Polytechnic username and password to log into the Library catalogue, databases, My Library Account, and to access the Library’s interloan service.

Access to Google Scholar from off-campus

You can use Google Scholar off-campus but appear to be on-campus so that full-text articles are available:

Log in to Google Scholar

University of Otago authenticated access to Google Scholar

Occasionally, the University's use of Google Scholar breaches their limit for acceptable/expected use. When attempting to search Google Scholar after accessing it via the University of Otago Library website, you might get an error message relating to "unusual traffic on your computer network".

While the University waits to be cleared, you may wish to use the following links as workarounds:

If you have any queries about Library electronic resources (databases, e-journals or e-books), contact Library staff:

Tel +64 3 479 8910 (Mon–Fri, 8:30am–5:00pm)

Any enquiries about access to Library E-resources are to go to the Library Client Services Manager Helen Brett

Please also refer to the ITS form: ITS Service Guidelines and information—University username/ID card which is also available on the Library website.

Access to the majority of web-based databases is based on IP authentication. An IP address range is registered with the E-resource vendor so the IP address of a computer must fall within that range before access can be granted. The Library, as part of its licence agreement, must ensure that only authorised users can have access to each E-resource. At the University of Otago, some licences are available to all campuses, while others are restricted to a specific campus.

Troubleshooting known problems

A user has logged in to either the staff or student proxy server but also gets prompted to log in to EZproxy. Ensure the list of exceptions for bypassing the proxy server do not include:

Check that secure proxy setting is set for the appropriate proxy server.


Using Safari on a Mac, the links redirect to non-existent pages (404 error). This is a known issue with Safari (v.1.0 and v.1.1) and relative links. Either:

  • Use another browser
  • In the address bar on the page with the 404 error:
    • Delete the 's' in https://
    • Replace the word "ezproxy" with "www.library"

A user has received the error message "Account Suspended—Your EZproxy access has been temporarily suspended due to high traffic. For restoration of access please wait for your account to be reactivated or contact the Library".

There is a cap on the EZproxy system that if more than 75MB is downloaded in 15 minutes, the account will be suspended for eight hours .Raise a ticket and assign this to ITS Information Systems in the CRSM asking them to restore access to EZproxy.

Non-current students needing off-campus access to E-resources because of an extension to complete their PhD, need to get their department to contact the Graduate Research Office. All others will need to get their department to contact the eVision team. Log any problems to ITS Information Systems in the CRSM.

Message from EZproxy: "Account suspended. Your EZproxy access has been temporarily suspended due to high traffic. For restoration of access please wait for your account to be reactivated."

The limit is 100MB within a 15-minute period. If you get blocked your access to EZproxy is cut off for six hours. If after six hours you still show as blocked, you should clear cache and cookies in your web browser and try again. If that doesn't work there is a direct email address for Library Systems on the blocking page and you can email them directly to ask for help. Please note that the limit is one imposed by database vendors. If we allow people to download too much within a short timeframe we risk losing database access for the entire University.

Capital Coast District Health Board and Canterbury Health Board

See the related article:
Capital Coast District Health Board and Canterbury Health Board Staff Library Access

The most up-to-date information about library access and services is already laid out in the Library’s website and it is updated regularly, so it would be best for more complicated questions to be redirected to the Library contact points:

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