The ITS Service Notices page is kept updated with any current issues, alerts, scheduled outages, and other information for University of Otago IT systems and services:

ITS Service Notices

Posting a service notice:

If you require a service notice to be posted, please fill out and email the following template to

AskOtago IT may get in contact with you if further information is required.

Information included in Service Notice:

  • Notice type/type of outage: Information, Unscheduled, Scheduled, Alert, Resolved (if retrospective)
  • Audience affected:
  • Campus: If only a certain campus is impacted, please specify this, otherwise state all
  • Start date:
  • End date: Please use 'ongoing' if this is not a retrospective service notice, or specify an end date if this is for a scheduled outage
  • Description: A short description of the issue/outage and any work arounds users can follow

Information not included in Service Notice:

  • Notes for AskOtago IT:
  • Should the notice be emailed out: Emails can be sent to the CITSP (University IT Mailing List), the All Departments mailing list, or both.