A shared mailbox (also known as role-based email) may be used for communications relating to a role or function, rather than a specific person, for example:

  • Conference organiser
  • Departmental address
  • Function within a department (e.g. head of department, reception)
  • Service contact address
  • Study/research/survey contact address

These mailboxes are set to expire five years from the date of creation if they aren't renewed. When the mailbox is nearing this date a notification message will be sent to it with directions on how to request renewal if required.

Shared mailboxes are for staff use only. If you require students to access the mailbox, contact AskOtago before making your request so that your requirements can be assessed.

Contact AskOtago for more information.

Any requests which includes a request for students to access the mailbox should be referred to ITACS for approval before any action is taken to create the account. Advise the requester that student access must be approved by ITACS and assign the ticket to ITS IT Assurance and Security in CRSM. Any requests for accounts for which the credentials will need to be used (e.g. for a scientific instrument) should also be referred to ITACS for approval first.