The University of Otago offers the following higher doctorates to individuals with exceptional achievements in their field:

Higher doctorates can be awarded in two ways at the University of Otago: as an Honorary Doctorate or by the submission of a body of work of special excellence.

Honorary Doctorates are occasionally awarded by senior University leaders to individuals showing outstanding talent in the field.

The application first involves submission of a curriculum vitae, and an abstract explaining the work to be examined. The application is considered by the appropriate Pro–Vice–Chancellor, who decides whether the submission should continue. If so, the applicant generates copies of the work to be examined and pays an examination fee.

Queries regarding the application process can be emailed to

Recipients of honorary degrees are listed as Honorary Graduates in the University Calendar.

University Calendar

Candidates wishing to be considered for admission to any of the following degrees should email the Dean of the Graduate Research School:

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Higher doctorates offered at Otago