You can add your bank account details into eVision when there are payments owed to you. These include:

  • Tuition fee refunds
  • Scholarship payments
  • Prize payments

How do I add bank account details in eVision

To add bank account details:

  1. Log in to eVision.
  2. In the My Finances section of the dashboard, click on See my account and payment information.
  3. Select Review my bank details. If the Review my bank details menu option is not available to you, contact AskOtago for assistance
    The bank account details screen will open and you will see your name is already entered into the Account name field and a sample bank account number is displayed (12-1234-1234567-123).
  4. Update the appropriate fields. The format for a New Zealand bank account is 12-1234-1234567-123.
    • The hyphens for each section of the account number will automatically display as you enter each part of your account number
    • If your bank account number suffix (the last section of the account number) only displays as two digits starting with a zero on your bank statement or online banking, enter the two digits and eVision will automatically add the third digit in the correct place
    • If your bank account number suffix displays as two digits which do not start with a zero, for example 50, enter the suffix with a preceeding zero. For the example of a suffix of 50, you would enter this as 050
  5. Tab out of the Account number field. This will validate your bank account number and the Bank name and Bank location fields will now be populated. If you see an error message at the top of the screen saying your bank account number is invalid, check the account number. eVision will only allow you to save a valid account number.
  6. Click Save.

Log in to eVision

If you do not have a New Zealand bank account and have credit due to be refunded, contact AskOtago to request your refund be paid into an overseas bank account.

If you are due a refund from your tuition fee account, note that adding your bank account will not automatically release your refund, nor does the due date on a credit note signify when a refund will be paid by.

When Student Finance are ready to process your refund, they will either contact you by email, or you will receive an alert in eVision asking you to verify your bank account. If you would like to request that credit funds be refunded to you, first ensure that your bank details are correct, then contact AskOtago.

Once AskOtago have confirmed that a student has a bank account added in eVision and are in a credit situation, tickets requesting a refund of credit should be assigned to Student Finance. Student Finance will then assess the credit balance and include the student in the following week's refund batch as appropriate. International students without a NZ bank account should be referred to Student Finance.