Changing recorded ethnicity

You can request a change to your recorded ethnicity in eVision:

  1. Log in to eVision and click on the Change my details link on the main page.
  2. Click the Review personal details button.
  3. Scroll down to the Request a change box and enter the information you want to update.

Log in to eVision

If you are adding or removing Māori or Pacific Island ethnicity, this could affect your eligibility for Preferential Entry, so you may be contacted for more information or be required to verify your ancestry.

Verification of ancestry

You can request verification of your ancestry in eVision:

  1. Click on the Home link in the top right-hand side to return to eVision's main page.
  2. Click the Request ancestry verification link under My details.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page to request verification of your ancestry with the University.

Please see the Ancestry verification page for information about the documentation required and to download the forms you might need to complete. Once your ancestry has been verified with the University this can be used for any future applications you might make.

Ancestry verification

Further information

Entry Pathways system—Preferential Entry

Staff information (from Identity Verification)

To qualify for Preferential Entry on the basis of ethnicity the student must apply by the due date and be a Māori applicant, or a Pacific applicant of Polynesian, Melanesian, or Micronesian descent*, who has not previously studied at a tertiary institution but who holds or is studying towards a New Zealand university entrance qualification.

* A list of peoples defined as indigenous Pacific for the purpose of ancestry verification is available on the Ancestry Verification Procedures for Māori and Pacific Students procedure page. If the student is unsure if they are eligible, refer them to the Pacific Island Centre for assessment.

If students want to follow up on their Māori ancestry verification, the administrators of the email are the Office of Māori Development based in the Vice Chancellor's Office.

Those who have previously undertaken study at tertiary level will not usually be eligible for Preferential Entry on the basis of school results.

Administrative staff process for adding or removing Māori or Pacific ethnicity

If a student qualifies for Preferential Entry through other means (e.g. NCEA Level 2 with Excellence or Merit, or acceptance of an offer for a residential college) then their ethnicity will be updated and no change required to their current pathway.

Adding Māori or Pacific ethnicity

If the student does not otherwise qualify for Preferential Entry and is now eligible based on ethnicity, their pathway will be updated and a preferential offer issued through their eVision portal.

Students do have the option to not select an iwi. If they wish to name their iwi—and it is not listed—it is best to choose an iwi in the list that is from the general area that is considered home to their iwi, or one that is close enough to that iwi. If they do not know the region, they can select the option "Iwi named, region not known". If the student is changing or adding more iwi (i.e. their ethnicity is already listed as Māori):

Adding less than four iwi

AskOtago staff can update their details in eVision via the Application form:

  1. Go to Process applications (Applicant maintenance search) > Student actions > Application form > Personal details.
  2. Click Review this step.
  3. Continue through to the relevant section to update the details.

If the Application form section has not already been completed by the student (i.e. the button beside personal details says "Complete this step" rather than "Review this step"), do not change anything and refer the request to Identity Verification instead.

See the related article: eVision update student details requests

Adding more than four iwi

Refer them to Identity Verification.

Removing Māori or Pacific ethnicity

If the student had initially been issued a preferential offer based on ethnicity and are not otherwise eligible for Preferential Entry, their pathway will be changed to Competitive and a new competitive offer issued through their eVision portal. This can be changed if they become eligible for Preferential Entry at a later stage (e.g. based on their final school results).

Ancestry Verification Procedures for Māori and Pacific Students

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