Students on conditional enrolment must provide a Back on track plan before their paper selection can be "course approved".

If you are on conditional enrolment the Back on track plan form can be found in the eVision notification alert about your conditional enrolment status, or you can access the form via the link below:

Back on track plan for conditional enrolment

You must also ensure that your paper selection meets the requirements for conditional enrolment.

If you have any questions, email Student Development at or contact AskOtago.

Further information

If the student has not provided their Back on track plan, Student Development will decline the student's course approval in the first instance and will ask the student to provide their Back on track plan. If the student resubmits their paper selection and Student Development has still not received their Back on track plan, Student Development will change the Course approval category to Conditional enrolment – study plan required.

A request for a student’s Back on track plan will be sent via email to their student email address. This request will be documented in the CRSM and in the eVision activity log.

If a student contacts AskOtago asking why their course hasn’t been approved, please check the eVision activity log and/or CRSM. If Student Development has requested that the student provide their Back on track plan, please explain this to the student and provide details for how they can submit their Back on track plan.