Scholarships are applied to your tuition account 8 January and 10 February, providing you are fully course declared in an eligible programme/degree. Doctoral scholarships will be paid depending on your start date.

If you have received a student loan and are then awarded a scholarship that pays for your tuition fees, StudyLink will be reimbursed. This can take up to two weeks after the credit appears on the University of Otago Finance account.

If your scholarship pays a stipend, you must be enrolled in your thesis, course approved, and course declared by Friday 12 January 2024 in order to receive your January stipend payment on time.

Doctoral scholarship stipends are paid on the third Thursday of each month.

Your fees will only be covered by your scholarship up until the end date or to the value specified. Many scholarships do not cover Student Service Fees or insurance. Refer to your offer letter.

Further information

If a doctoral student has just started but has missed out on the monthly payment, the Scholarships team can process their payment in any given week, provided they are course declared, have returned their payment form to: and have entered their NZ bank details into eVision.

A link to the payment form is in their scholarship offer letter.

Questions about payment of PhD scholarships can be assigned to the Student Administration — Scholarships General queue in CRSM.