When you change your password, it changes for all applications and systems with that particular Otago username and password combination.

These include:

  • Accessing your emails via Outlook
  • eVision
  • Logging into your staff computer or student desktop
  • Staff Web Kiosk
  • StudentMail and StaffMail
  • Wi-Fi access

When you change your University password, any device or application that stores your password (such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, or password managers, either within your browser or a separate app) will still try to use the old password to authenticate.

You will be prompted for a new password to be entered, but sometimes your account may lock if they aren’t updated in a timely manner. Log off and log back on your desktop computer, email, Wi-Fi and manually change the password on your mobile devices and password managers promptly. Until all your stored logins are updated with the new password, your account may be locked. If your computers and devices continue to use your old password, your account will stay locked until they are updated

You can change your password through the Self-Service Password Management system.

If you still have issues after you have updated all your passwords, contact AskOtago.