The Student Desktop is the recommended method for students working remotely to access files that are stored on the University’s central file storage service (usually known as file share or High Capacity Storage/HCS).

You can also access files stored on your own computer from the Student Desktop.

The following instructions show you how to map your local computer storage and divisional/departmental HCS folders into the Student Desktop. Once these locations are mapped you can then copy files between them as needed. Please note that if you have large file transfer requirements you should use either OneDrive, Syncplicity, or the ITS High-Speed Data Transfer service.

Logging in

Log on to Student Desktop

For full instructions on connecting, see About Student Desktop/Staff Desktop.

Connecting to files from your own computer

You can copy files to/from your own computer if you have the Citrix Workspace software application installed—follow this guide to install it:

Installing Citrix Receiver/Workspace

Once installed, open the Student Desktop and you will see your local computer drives available under This PC in Windows File Explorer.

Screenshot showing location of your local computer drive in Student Desktop

Connecting to an HCS Folder (FileShare)

Once you are logged into the Student Desktop environment, you can access your divisional, departmental or lab HCS folder/s by following these steps:

  1. Open Windows File Explorer.

    Screenshot showing location of Windows File Explorer.
  2. Click in the top field and enter \\ then click Enter.

    Screenshot of looking for a file share in Windows File Explorer
  3. You should now see a list of shares you have access to. If you don’t see the share you are expecting, please contact AskOtago.

    Screenshot of file shares you have permissions for.
  4. Right-click and select Map network drive… from the drop-down menu options.

    Menu options when right-clicking on a file share.
  5. Choose a letter to be assigned to the drive and click Finish.

    Choose which network folder to map and to which drive letter.

Please note that it is possible to access these files on your own device without logging into the Student Desktop, and information for connecting to the shares can be found in the related article:

Connecting to shared drives (HCS, U drive)

Contact AskOtago if you need help with setting up to work remotely.