You will require a suitable computer and internet access for sitting your ExamSoft digital exams. iPads/tablets/mobile devices are not compatible with University of Otago Examplify settings—you will need to use a desktop/laptop (excluding chromebook).

You will also need a working camera and a microphone. You should contact AskOtago if you do not have a compatible computer or suitable internet access.


It is highly recommended you use a laptop or a desktop computer to undertake your Blackboard examination. While it may be technically possible to undertake your examination on a tablet, you will find it very difficult to work on.

If you do not have a computer with the required features or are otherwise concerned about your access to the technology needed to undertake a digital exam, please contact AskOtago:

Freephone 0800 80 80 98 (within New Zealand)
Tel +64 3 479 7000
Submit an enquiry or live chat with us. 

If you have been provided with a loan laptop from the University, please see the related article:
Setting up a loan laptop

When a student calls, or another person calls on their behalf (for example, a departmental person who has been contacted by a student concerned that they don’t have what they need to sit a digital exam) first find out which type of exam they are sitting:

ExamSoft/Examplify exams

See the related article: Student loan laptop requests (ExamSoft)

Other digital or online exams

See the related article: Student loan laptop requests (non-ExamSoft)

Blackboard is both tablet- and mobile-compatible, however undertaking a final exam on a small device is not recommended. For example, it is too easy to accidentally swipe out of a test, and it would also be very difficult to type short/long answer questions on the small screen.

Students should be encouraged to use a laptop or desktop computer. Before suggesting they use a mobile device or tablet, the student should be encouraged to try and borrow a laptop from a flatmate or family member.

If the student is unable to complete their exam on their laptop due to a hardware issue and is unable to source an alternative device, they could try using their phone as an immediate fix.

Special Consideration may need to be discussed.

The student should complete an Online Examinations Incident Report form.

You should also fill out an Online Examinations Incident Report detailing what was done to try and fix computer and what device they were going to use.