Ontrack (sometimes referred to as "EBS") is the student portal for the Pathway and English Language Centre. Within the portal you can review your current details, applications, enrolments, timetable, attendance, and results. You can also view and update your personal information to ensure the details held for you are current. Address details can only be updated once every 24 hours. Once updated, the Add/Update button will not show for 24 hours.

You can only submit one application at a time for each programme. If you would like to submit another application, you will need to cancel your original application.

You will be assigned a username once you have accepted your offer.

If you have already accepted your offer and want to change your programme or year of study, email 

Further information

Pathway and English Language Centre

Ontrack/EBS users can find support documentation in Microsoft Teams:

EBS Community Team

The login details for EBS will not be the student's University username and password, but the email address and password the student registered with.

For any assistance with Pathway and English Language Centre usernames or login details, email