Adobe Acrobat is generally the preferred program for viewing and editing PDFs, however it can sometimes be unreliable when printing and your document may not always show up at the printer. If you prefer to view PDFs in Adobe, it is recommended that you first swap to a web browser before printing. For Macs, using Preview is recommended.

You have the choice to either open the PDF in a browser once or to set a browser as your default application for PDFs to open with. Opening the PDF in a browser once will allow you to keep using Adobe for viewing or editing in future, but permanently setting PDFs to open using a browser will allow you to print easily in future.

Staff using a University-owned Mac have access to a unique print queue which allows printing directly from Adobe apps.


  1. Right-click on the PDF file you wish to print, then click on Open with.
  2. If your preferred browser is not listed, or if you wish to change the default PDF viewer, select Choose another app.

    Screenshot of menu when you right-click onto the PDF file, then click Open with, then Choose another app
  3. Select the browser you wish to use (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge). If you would like all PDFs to open in this browser by default, select Always use this app to open .pdf files, then click OK.

    Screenshot of How do you want to open this file window with the option Always use this app to open .pdf files ticked.


One time

Right-click the PDF, and go to Open With, then select your preferred application (e.g. Preview).

Screenshot of menu when you right-click on the PDF file, then click Open With, then select Preview from the list of available applications

Change default

To change the default PDF viewer for all PDF files in future, right-click a PDF and select Get Info. Underneath Open With, select your preferred application and click Change All

Screenshot of window that opens after you select your preferred application. Shows the location of the Change All... button which you can click if you want to use this application to open all documents like this one

Changing the default application through Right-click > Open With > Other… > Always Open With will only change the default application for that specific PDF file, the Get Info menu must be used to change all future PDF files.

University-owned Macs

Macs connected to the University domain have a unique third option as they can use Software Centre to download special software.

More information about Software Centre can be found in the related article:
Using (Managed) Software Centre to install software without administration rights

Open and sign in to Software Centre, then open the System section. Locate and install uniFLOW printers with PostScript driver. This is a special version of the uniFLOW drivers intended for printing from Adobe apps. Once installed, a new printer will become available called UO Print (PostScript). Using this, it is no longer necessary to change to another app for the purposes of printing and you can print directly from Adobe Acrobat.

Screenshot of Software System under System showing the uniFLOW printers with PostScript driver icon with install button underneath

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