University of Otago Coursework Master's Scholarships are open to both domestic and international applicants, and are for students who are studying masters' degrees which don't include a full thesis component (although these may include a research report or dissertation).

Some degrees also have a thesis or non-thesis option (usually with the decision made after an initial year of study). In such cases, the non-thesis option is eligible for coursework master's scholarship support. Coursework Masters' Scholarships are not available to research masters' students completing a "papers year" prior to beginning their thesis.

There are 20 University of Otago Coursework Masters' Scholarships available.

Due to the limited number of available scholarships, departments will assess an applicant's suitability for scholarship funding once they have been admitted to the programme, and advise the Scholarships team that they wish to nominate a candidate for a scholarship.

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