There are dedicated mobility car parks across the Dunedin campus for students. These parks are available for Universityof Otago mobility parking permit holders only and are administered by the Disability Information and Support Office.

For further information about obtaining a permit, visit the Property Services website:

Mobility Parking

Staff with permanent mobility impairments can lease a University car park at the normal rate and can apply via the Parking application form

Generally, priority will be given over others on the waiting list if an applicant can provide documentation from a relevant professional supporting the need for parking, and if the applicant meets the following requirements:

  • Unable to walk and rely on a wheelchair for mobility, or
  • Rely on mobility devices (e.g. crutches, walking sticks, walking frames), or
  • Unable to walk more than 200 metres unassisted because of the nature or severity of the impairment

Staff with temporary mobility impairments are welcome to contact Parking at or +64 3 479 8014 to see if they can help.