Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) is the essential first step into the University of Otago's Health Sciences professional programmes, and also an excellent way to begin your degree in biological or biomedical sciences.

HSFY is meant to be the very first year of tertiary study for prospective students, and previous tertiary study (especially in the same or similar topics outlined in the HSFY course) may render some students ineligible to apply for this programme specifically.

The HSFY course has a pre-selected set of compulsory papers that all students must take if they are accepted into the course. Tutorial and lab attendance is often compulsory, and non-attendance may impact your final grade(s) for the course. HSFY students may choose to add an eighth paper in semester two in any discipline, but this is not a requirement and you may find that seven papers across two semesters is sufficient.  

HSFY counts as the first year of study for five of the Health Sciences professional programmes:

HSFY is useful preparation, but not required, for three of the Health Sciences professional programmes:

Successful completion of the HSFY programme does not guarantee entry into your preferred professional programme. Entry to these programmes is very competitive, and spaces for international or non-HSFY students are very limited. While the University encourages all HSFY students to apply for the course or programme they are most interested in, it is recommended that you also have at least one alternative option if your first choice is unsuccessful.  

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