The University of Otago's VPN service allows staff and students to connect to the University's computer network from off-campus and from most locations around the world.

How do I connect to the University of Otago eduVPN

To connect to the University of Otago eduVPN:

  1. Search your computer for "eduVPN" and click on the application, if this is not available, please install eduVPN.
  2. In the Find your Institute search box, search for Otago and select University of Otago under Institute.
  3. A browser window will open and prompt you to enter your University username and password.
    • If you are connecting from a device already logged in with your University username and password this step may be skipped due to Single Sign–on.
    • If you are connecting from a device that is not on the University network you will see a multi–factor authentication ( MFA) prompt. See the article Multi–factor authentication (MFA) for more information about MFA.
  4. When authentication is completed you will be asked to approve the eduVPN application running on your device.

Subsequent connection attempts will already have the ‘University of Otago’ service selected within the eduVPN application. You can Connect and Disconnect by toggling the switch.

You will need to re–authenticate to eduVPN every seven days. This will be prompted when sliding the button after the seven days has passed.

eduVPN doesn't automatically disconnect on shutdown or sleep, and your computer can retain the VPN connection for multiple days. If you use your laptop on campus without disconnecting from eduVPN, you may experience issues. Once you no longer require the VPN service, always remember to click Disconnect.

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