You will be asked to provide your legal name details and citizenship/residency status as part of the application process. These can be amended if any changes occur.

You are classified as a domestic student for admission and tuition fee purposes if you will be residing in New Zealand for the duration of your studies and:

  • You hold a New Zealand residence class visa, or
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident visa holder

If you're a New Zealand residence class visa holder, or an Australian citizen or permanent resident visa holder, who will reside outside of New Zealand while studying, you are classed as an international student. Contact the International Office regarding your admission to the University of Otago.

Citizens of the Cook Islands, Tokelau, and Niue are classified as domestic students for admission purposes.

If you wish to change your legal name or citizenship/residency status on University records, you will need to provide either an original or certified (witnessed/notarised) copy of evidence of the name change (e.g. marriage certificate, civil union certificate, deed poll, amended birth certificate), or new citizenship/residency documentation.

If you need to make changes prior to graduating, the documentation should be provided at least five weeks prior to the ceremony.

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