​If you're enrolled at the University of Otago in the current academic year and you require evidence of this, a "Statement of Enrolment" can be generated through eVision. This is an official document, on University letterhead, confirming your current enrolment.

If you are a confirmed finalist, this statement will certify that you're currently enrolled in sufficient papers to complete your qualification/s, with major subjects or endorsements noted where applicable.​

Generate statements of enrolment or completed qualifications

Your academic record in eVision will also show whether you are a finalist; however this is not an official document.

If you're graduating this year and have already completed the requirements for your qualification, generate a "Statement of Completed Qualifications" instead.

International Students

If the downloaded statement doesn't provide you with all the information you need, email from your student email address, to request a personalised statement.

Returning students will need to email and request a "Confirmation of Enrolment" letter. The letter you can download yourself in eVision is not accepted by Immigration New Zealand.

Student Visa Services

International students applying from overseas

Regardless of where a student is located, if they need an offer of place or confirmation of enrolment letter for a New Zealand student visa then enquiries can be emailed through to The request will be forwarded on to International Admissions Co-ordinator if required.

Teaching period on statements for PhD students

Statements for PhD students will note the teaching period as either Full Year or Part Year; it will not state which teaching period a part-year student is enrolled in. Statements only contain the teaching period information that appears in the academic record. If such a student requires more detailed information refer them to the Doctoral team who can produce an individualised statement containing the required information. This is not printed on secure statement paper.

A student's finalist status may not show on their Statement of Enrolment if it has not been verified by Student Records.

Check a student's verified finalist status in eVision:

  1. Click on their ID number.
  2. Navigate to the Programme tab.
  3. Select the programme.

If the student is not a verified finalist, escalate this to Student Records by assigning to Student Administration — Records Management General.

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