​If you're enrolled at the University of Otago in the current academic year and you require evidence, a "Statement of Enrolment" can be generated through eVision. This is an official document, on University letterhead, confirming your current enrolment.

If you are a confirmed finalist, this statement will certify that you're currently enrolled in sufficient papers to complete your qualification/s, with major subjects or endorsements noted where applicable.​

Your academic record in eVision will also show whether you are a finalist; however this is not an official document.

If you're graduating this year and have already completed the requirements for your qualification, generate a "Statement of Completed Qualifications" instead.

Generate a statement of enrolment or completed qualifications

International students

If the downloaded statement doesn't provide you with all the information you need, email: from your student email address to request a personalised statement.

Returning students will need to email: and request a "Confirmation of Enrolment" letter. The letter you can download yourself in eVision is not accepted by Immigration New Zealand.

Further information

Student Visa Services

International students applying from overseas

Regardless of where a student is located, if they need an offer of place or confirmation of enrolment letter for a New Zealand student visa then enquiries can be emailed through to: The request will be forwarded on to International Admissions Co-ordinator if required.

Teaching period on statements for PhD students

Statements for PhD students will note the teaching period as either Full Year or Part Year; it will not state which teaching period a part-year student is enrolled in. Statements only contain the teaching period information that appears in the academic record. If such a student requires more detailed information refer them to the Doctoral team who can produce an individualised statement containing the required information. This is not printed on secure statement paper.

A student's finalist status may not show on their Statement of Enrolment if it has not been verified by Student Records.

Check a student's verified finalist status in eVision:

  1. Click on their ID number.
  2. Navigate to the Programme tab.
  3. Select the programme.

If the student is not a verified finalist, escalate this to Student Records by assigning to Student Administration — Records Management General.

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