Undergraduate is normally the first level of study undertaken at University level. There are a range of bachelor's degree offerings at the University of Otago.

Bachelors' degrees are normally taken over three years and require a minimum of 360 points. At least 180 of these points must be above 100-level, and at least 72 must be at 300-level in your major subject. Otago's general bachelors degrees have entry criteria and are subject to the Entry Pathway System:

Entry Pathway System

Other bachelor's degrees are specialised, and have their own entry requirements.

If you do not meet undergraduate admission criteria, you can apply to enrol in the University of Otago Pathway programme. The programme offers pre-university study and is approved to meet admission requirements for all New Zealand universities.

University of Otago Pathway

You can also contact a Schools' Liaison Officer to discuss your options:

Schools' Liaison

It is not possible to defer. If you do not wish to continue in your general undergraduate programme that is subject to the entry pathway system when offered a place, you will have to apply for admission to that programme again if you wish to start in a later academic year.

Contact the relevant teaching department if you wish to defer an offer for a specialised teaching programme.

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