If you are unsure about any aspect of your study, the University of Otago has dedicated advisers to help. Course advice is about giving you the information and guidance you need to get the most from your study at Otago.

Advisers can help you with:

  • Planning what you want to study
  • Choosing the degree and papers that are right for you
  • Considering your career aspirations and how your study fits in with that, or
  • Making sure that you've got the right combination of papers to meet regulations

You can seek course advice at any stage — from before you start studying right through to your final year.

Before you start studying at Otago, talk to a Schools' Liaison Officer for course advice:

Schools' Liaison Office

Once you're enrolled, you can make an appointment with an adviser in Student Development. Sign in (click on the link on the blue bar at the top) with your student username and password to use the form below:

Course Advice

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