A timetable clash occurs when a student has two teaching events scheduled at the same time. There are two types of clashes.

An allowable timetable clash is defined as a timetable clash between teaching events, where at least one of the teaching events has pre-approved arrangements in place for managing the clash. Students are not normally permitted to have more than one allowable timetable clash per week per teaching period.

The allowable timetable clash search is a useful tool to check if a timetable clash is allowable or not and has instructions for managing the clash.

An exceptional timetable clash is any timetable clash which is not considered allowable. Exceptional timetable clashes are only approved in limited circumstances and require an application to be submitted.

The University of Otago does not encourage timetable clashes. Applications should only be made when the timetable clash is absolutely necessary. If the University approves a timetable clash, it is the student's responsibility to manage the consequences of the clash.

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