Documents such as academic transcripts may be published to My eQuals through eVision.

How do I publish a transcript to My eQuals

To request a document upload to My eQuals:

  1. Log in to eVision.
  2. Go to My Programmes and Papers.
  3. Click Publish your Transcript to My eQuals.
  4. Confirm email address and click Generate.
    • If your student email address is active, your transcript will be published to a new My eQuals account linked to your student email address
    • If your student email address is no longer active, you will be asked to enter a personal email address. Click the Change button and enter the address you would like linked to your My eQuals account
  5. You will receive an email within 24 hours prompting you to register.
  6. Register for My eQuals.
  7. Pay the one-off fee.
  8. View your documents.

Log in to eVision

To ensure continued access, add a personal email address as your primary email address in My eQuals and/or link your My eQuals account to a social media account before you leave the University. This can be done via Profile settings.

If you've already signed up with your personal email address and need to link to your student account, refer to the instructions for adding another email.

How much does it cost

There is a one-off charge of $30 to access your documentation.

Unable to upload transcript due to "Student Otago matriculation year is not specified" error

If this message appears after the student goes to Generate in the Programmes and Papers tab in eVision, there may be a background issue with the student's year of starting at Otago being incorrect.

  1. Check with Student Records that the student's starting year is correct in eVision.
  2. If it is correct, refer to AskOtago IT to have the issue resolved in eVision.

This should then mean the transcript can be published to My eQuals.