You are considered a visiting student if you are a student normally enrolled at another institution, you are visiting the University of Otago to carry out academic or other unpaid work related to your studies, and you are not concurrently enrolled in any Otago paper or programme.

Having a student ID card is not a requirement for visiting students at Otago, but you may wish to speak to your department contact person about whether or not you should have one.


As a visiting student, you have access to the following University of Otago electronic resources:

  • A computer
  • Departmental devices (e.g. printers, photocopiers)
  • Library resources (electronic access to journals and other external content is excluded for contractual reasons, however you should be able to access these by logging in to your home institution's website)
  • The student Wi-Fi/wireless network

As a visiting student you must agree to the University's terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions for students visiting the University of Otago
Visiting students policy

The University of Otago accepts no liability for providing, nor responsibility for organising, accommodation, transport, or any other travel arrangements (including visas) for visiting students.