The provision of access to the SONIA Placement Portal is different for each user type:

  • Students are automatically granted access if they are enrolled in a paper with an associated placement, and can contact their course coordinator if they have any queries.
  • Staff supervising students on placement are set up by their departmental placement officer, and can contact the placement officer if they require access or have any questions.

The Placement Officer for each department is listed in the SONIA Placement Portal.

Staff can also contact AskOtago if they require access to SONIA and/or the SONIA desktop client.

Staff Placement Officers/Administrators are set up by ITS Information Systems.

External organisations are set up by the relevant Departmental Placement Officer, and can contact this person if they require access or have any questions.

Further information

SONIA Placement Portal

Any requests to install the SONIA desktop client application from a placement officer can be assigned to their Desktop Support team in CRSM. Any other SONIA enquiries or access requests can be assigned to ITS Information Systems in CRSM.

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