Incognito/private browsing is a feature in all mainstream browsers which, when started, creates a temporary session that is completely confined from the main session so that it does not save any data.

It creates a new, "clean slate" session of the browser, not influenced by any form of saved information that the browser may have. It doesn't make you anonymous online or provide additional security.

Situations where you may use incognito/private browsing:

  • Accessing a site with multiple accounts
  • Checking/testing when saved information (e.g. cookies and cache) might be affecting website access
  • Removing a record of visiting a website
  • When using someone else's device

When you exit private/incognito mode, browsing windows, information entered, usernames and passwords, and browsing data will not be saved.

Incognito browsing can be enabled for most browsers by entering the setting option in an open window.

For browser-specific instructions, visit the browser's help page:

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