You can apply for Pre-Christmas Summer School (PXSS) via Change of Course under the Programmes and papers section in your eVision portal.

If you are not currently enrolled, contact AskOtago who will be able to assist you with enrolling for Pre-Christmas Summer School.

Pre-Christmas Summer School

Staff interested in enrolling for Summer School papers may be eligible for study assistance:

Study assistance for University staff

Staff enrolling in Summer School papers will need to meet usual University and programme admission requirements:

Entrance requirements

Pre eVision roll-over

PXSS is considered part of the academic year the papers are run in. Prior to the first weekend in September, students can enrol in PXSS papers via Change of Course in eVision.

Current students who are not enrolled in the current year can apply for a Certificate of Proficiency and enrol in a PXSS paper.

Post eVision roll-over

If enrolled students cannot add a paper in eVision, create a CRSM ticket and send an email to the student’s webmail account via the Timeline, referencing their contact with us and asking them to confirm. Set the ticket to Waiting for details. Once the student has confirmed, assign to Student Administration using the Student Administration — Course Management General queue.

For enquiries from new students, or students who are not enrolled in the current year, complete the same process as above, but include the student’s correct contact details.

University staff wanting to enrol in PXSS papers must use their personal email to log in, not their staff email. This will change to a student email once their declaration is complete.

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