As a current student at the University of Otago, you have access to a range of free or discounted software, for your own computer and on the Student Desktop.

For your own computer


Antivirus software for students

Microsoft 365

You can download and use Microsoft 365 applications free on your own device:

Installing Microsoft 365


EndNote software is free for all University of Otago students. Your EndNote licence entitles you to use EndNote on your home computer for University work while you are enrolled. You are also entitled to any upgrades released to the University.

ArcGIS, GraphPad Prism, MATLAB, NVivo, SPSS, Stata/SE*

Complete an online Student Software Request form (you must be currently enrolled) to enable installation of any of the above software for University work on your personally-owned device.

Undergraduates can only apply for MATLAB or SPSS licenses. 

Your request will be sent to a departmental authority for approval. This can be any staff member in your department willing to be responsible for your licence.

Software needs to be uninstalled from your device if you cease study at the University of Otago. You may only use software for University of Otago-related work.

*The licence is for Stata/SE. Requests for Stata/MP will need to be made by a staff member from your department using the online Software Order form

Postgraduate students with University-owned devices

A staff member can complete an online Software Order form on your behalf to request software for your University-owned device.

Student Desktop

There is a range of software available for you to use on the Student Desktop including Office, EndNote, and SPSS:

Software on the Student Virtual Desktop
Student Desktop

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