Once you've completed your course enrolment declaration in eVision, the ID Card Office can produce your Student ID Card. There is a 24-hour delay between completing your declaration and your ID card being available to you.

The ID Card Office is on the ground floor, Information Services Building, on the corner of Cumberland and Albany Streets, Dunedin.

Location of the ID Card Office

Opening Hours

The ID Card Office has restricted hours at various times of the year. Please see the ID Cards website for current opening hours or call first:

Tel +64 3 479 5330

To obtain your ID card you will need to take one of these forms of photo identification to the ID Card Office:

  • 18+ Card
  • Full passport
  • Last year's University of Otago student ID card
  • New Zealand Driver's Licence
  • New Zealand Firearms Licence

No other forms of identity are accepted. If you don't have one of the above forms of identity please ask at the ID Card Office for a "Proof of Identity Form".

How to get your ID Card if you are not on the Dunedin campus (including distance students)

ID Card Office contact information

Contact the University ID Card Office
Student Services—ID Cards

Office Hours: 9:00am–4:30pm Monday to Friday during semesters.

Semester break hours are 10:00am–2:00pm, Monday to Friday.

If the ID Card Office can't be reached please contact:

  1. Uniprint Tel +64 3 479 8043
  2. Uniprint General Manager Tel +64 21 279 5205

In the rare instance that the ID Card Office is unattended, signage will be in place to direct staff and students to obtain their ID card at the UniPrint desk in the Central Library.

To obtain a University of Otago student ID card a student will need to have completed their course enrolment declaration. 

Any issues reported where a student has an incorrect ID photo attached to their account in eVision should be directed to the ID Card Office.

The ID Card Office are no longer providing ID card kits for free under the management of Uniprint. ID card holders are available for purchase through the Campus Shop or the Visitors Centre, and they should be available for purchase through the ID Card Office next year but this is not confirmed at this stage.

Location-specific processes for obtaining a student ID card are detailed below:

Christchurch campus

Students on the Christchurch campus should first check with their department how they get their card.

Refer to the ID card application forms website for further details.

Christchurch Staff/Students can either physically come to the main AskOtago/Christchurch School of Medicine Reception desk, and/or email for ID and Access cards.

Distance students

Distance students require a University ID card to access resources and as proof of identity for exams.

Distance students in Dunedin may collect their ID cards from the ID Card Office. Distance students outside Dunedin should complete the relevant form on the ID card application forms website:

ID Card application forms and information for students not studying in Dunedin

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Dunedin on-campus students

Information from the student enrolment system is received overnight by the ID Card Office, so students will need to wait until the day after completing their declaration to collect their ID card.

Students need to provide Acceptable Photo Identification to collect their ID card. Proof of Identity forms are also available at the AskOtago Central Hub.

Invercargill campus

Students should complete the relevant form on the ID card application forms website

Summer School in Auckland and Wellington

Summer School students taking any papers (e.g. LAWS) at the University campuses in Auckland and Wellington should complete the relevant form on the ID card application forms website

Wellington campus

Students at the Wellington campus should refer to the ID card application forms website for how to get their ID card.

All Wellington students (except Wellington Summer School students) must collect their ID cards from the department administrator for their course.

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Access to restricted areas or after hours access

Students who have restricted or after-hours access to certain buildings can get in by using their ID card. Access to the buildings is set and authorised by the departments. If a student needs after-hours access they should contact their department.

ID card Auckland Transport and Wellington Snapper card (Metlink) discount

See the related article: Auckland Transport tertiary concession (Wellington information is in the AskOtago section).

ID card rollover

This takes place in December (specific date for the current year to be advised). After the rollover date the ID Card Office CANNOT produce a current year student card, only following year student ID cards.

If a current year student loses their current year ID card after the rollover and they are not entitled to get a following year ID card, they will need to obtain a temporary card from their department.

[Note: The information about when current year cards stop working is added in December]. 

When can a student obtain their ID card and who can obtain an ID card?

Students should wait at least 24 hours AFTER completing their declaration before getting an ID card.

The earliest any students will be able to get an ID card for the following year is after the rollover date in December.

The student will need to fall into one of these categories:

If enrolled in the following year, then the day after they complete the course enrolment declaration, OR
If not enrolling in the following year BUT has access to resources with an end date after 31 January the following year. 

What is the declaration?

After a staff member approves their course a student must complete the course enrolment declaration in eVision to complete their enrolment.

For the majority of students the declaration will be available from 1 January, unless they are still waiting for final results (e.g. NCEA).

Some students (like students doing Summer School), will be able to declare from early December.

Other points to note

The student’s ID card will not start working until the day after it is issued. If their previous card is still active at this point, it will stop working once the new card becomes active.

More information on the enrolment process

ID card returns

The following information is a guide for when a student's ID card should be returned if they are withdrawing from study.

Any student who is withdrawing completely from study and is entitled to a full fees refund may come to the Central Hub to return their ID card. They should be directed to return this to ID Card Office.

Lost and found ID cards

The ID Card Office looks after all lost/found University ID cards. Any student who has lost their ID card should contact the ID Card Office as soon as possible to check if it has been found or to have it cancelled/replaced.

If a student's ID card is brought into the AskOtago Hub, staff should try to contact the card's owner prior to taking it to the ID Card Office. Students will be told that their ID card will be held until 4pm or they can collect it from the ID Card Office the following day.

This also applies to students who have accidentally left their card behind after visiting the AskOtago Hub. Staff need to make every effort to contact the student to return the card to them.

Requests for an electronic copy of a student photo

The ID Card Office do not keep copies of student photos in their system. Photos are only uploaded to the University server (for eVision). They are therefore unable to provide an electronic copy of a student's ID photo if requested.

Requests for an electronic copy of a staff photo

Staff can email the ID Card Office at to request a digital copy of their staff ID photo, however this is a low resolution image. Staff may want to use the staff photographer in Marketing Services instead if a higher quality image is required (e.g. for the website)—this service is free for staff members.

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