The University of Otago is committed to creating an environment where there is no tolerance for sexual misconduct of any kind.

Information about how to report sexual misconduct, or if you are concerned about someone else, can be found in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Further information

Sexual Misconduct Policy

The University's Sexual Misconduct Policy aims to provide clear pathways of support for those affected by sexual misconduct, as well as guidelines and expectations for those receiving complaints.

The Sexual Misconduct Action Response Team (SMART) oversees processes under the policy, provides advice and guidance to those receiving reports of and those investigating sexual misconduct, and maintains an overview of reports to identify any trends. SMART includes 10 Dunedin-based staff members and one in both Christchurch and Wellington.

If sexual misconduct is reported, staff are expected to advise of the services available and offer to facilitate contact with a support provider. They should advise the affected party of their right to a formal investigation, and refer the report to the SMART Coordinator (identifying the affected party if they consent) to maintain an overview of reported incidents and ensure support is provided.

Staff receiving a report of sexual misconduct can also obtain confidential advice from the SMART Coordinator, Kelly O'Kane:

Tel +64 3 479 8554

Under the policy anyone affected by sexual misconduct is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, receive appropriate support and guidance, have the matter addressed via available pathways, and to say which of those pathways they want to take. This could include being supported to make a police complaint, having the matter investigated under the University’s Code of Student Conduct or Ethical Behaviour Policy, or having the matter investigated under the rules of a residential college.

Access to ongoing support and guidance will be available, regardless of whether a formal complaint is made.

Where incidents of sexual misconduct are reported, the University will also recognise the importance of fair process for those alleged to have committed acts of sexual misconduct.

If AskOtago staff receive a disclosure of sexual misconduct, refer to Reporting sexual misconduct — Sharepoint Training