Students on conditional enrolment must submit their Back on track plan before their papers can be course approved by a Designated Adviser of Studies.

If you are on conditional enrolment the Back on track plan form can be found in the eVision notification alert about your conditional enrolment status, or you can access the form via the link below:

Back on track plan for conditional enrolment

There is no official deadline for submission of the Back on track plan. However, we recommend you submit your plan to a Designated Adviser of Studies in Student Development as soon as possible to ensure your course approval and enrolment can be completed before your study is due to commence. There may be a delay with your course approval being processed after submitting your Back on track plan to Student Development depending on the time of the year.

The earlier you submit your plan, the sooner your course can be approved and your enrolment completed. Until your course is approved and you have completed the course declaration you will not have access to resources (ID card, Blackboard etc.). This may also have implications for your StudyLink application.

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Any resulting emails from a student regarding their Back on track plan should be assigned in CRSM to Student Development, once the student is verified.
Queue: Student Development General
Category: 1- Student-related, 2- Student Development - Course Advice, 3- General advice

If contact is by phone or in-person after normal business hours, create a CRSM incident with information and assign to Student Development.
Queue: Student Development General
Category:1- Student-related, 2- Student Development - Course Advice, 3- General advice